Today in China, Nov. 4th

#1. 4 people died and 57 still trapped in the mine disaster

In the evening of Nov. 3rd, rock bursts happened in a coal mine in Henan province. As of now, 4 people were killed and 16 people have been elevated from the mine safely. However, there are still 57 miners being trapped. It is estimated that the rescuers can reach the workings at 12:00 AM on Nov. 4th. May God bless them.

#2. Charity organization in Henan doesn’t do charity work

A few months ago, Henan Rosamond Charity Foundation was reported to go into business with the charity money. Until now no results were available on that issue. However, this Foundation recently invested a large number of money to build a Rosamond figure about eight floors high. It is a fact that charities in China are totally different from that of other countries.

#3. New baby was thought to be dead by mistake

Cared by two nurses, Dongmei Liu had a preterm delivery. However, the nurse told Dongmei’s relatives that the baby was a girl and had died after birth. Then the baby was put into a plastic bag and put into the toilet. Half an hour later, the family members requested to check the baby and found that the baby was moving and even more, the baby was a boy but not a girl.

After being reported, all the people are angry with the hospital’s irresponsibility. Four related hospital nurses and doctors have been suspended. According to the law, they should be punished for their irresponsibility.

#4. Parents should protect their babies’ privacy

It is common to find online that some parents like to use their children’s photos as their profile pictures. In addition, they like to tell everything about their children on Twitter or Facebook. The parents may not realize that people could collect the children’s names, addresses, schools that they attended and so on. Here I would like to inform the parents that it may be not a good idea to post on your children’s detailed information. Baby has privacy too.

#5. Never to compare your life with others

Never try to compare your life with others because you would never have even a little idea about what their life really likes.


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