Two People Popular among Chinese Netizens

To some extent, Peter Hessler knows China better than Chinese

#1. Peter Hessler and China

Peter Hessler has a Chinese name: Wei He. When speaking Peter Hessler, seldom Chinese know who he is. However, when it comes up to Wei He, most Chinese netizens would mention his famous three books about China and praise him for his deep understanding on China. In addition, his experience in China is worth reading.

Before his trilogy books on China, many Chinese may hold the idea that only we Chinese know China the best. However, after reading Peter Hessler’s books, we are surprised to find that we really don’t understand our motherland as well as a foreigner. As the saying goes, lookers-on see most of the game. From a foreigner’s view, we have a new understanding of our country. It is hard to believe but we must acknowledge that to some extent foreigners know more than us about ourselves and our coutry.

Therefore, if you would like to know something about China, you can learn from Peter Hessler’s books and his column on New Yorker.

PS: Peter Hessler’s trilogy on China: Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory, Oracle Bones: A Journey Through Time in China and River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze.

#2. Degang Guo and his cross talk art in the new era

Degang Guo

Cross talk is a traditional art in China with a long history and uses the technique of using words and other ways such as imitating and singing to entertain the audience. Degang Guo is now one of the best known cross talk actors in China. However his performance is highly original but not liked by papers and some other cross talk actors. One of the reasons is that he likes to criticize and satirize the dark side of society during his performance, which on the other side makes him very popular among a large number of netizens and common people. Listening to his cross talk, the only thing you need to do is LOL.


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