Today in China, Nov. 7th

#1. Truck overturned just for dodging a flower

The car lied on its side about tens of meters far away from the flower.

When the truck driver noticed the flower ahead, his first response was to brake, which led to the collision with green belt and then the overturning of the truck.

Maybe it is not big news worth reporting, but I think a while after seeing the picture. I believe that, no matter good people or bad people, not matter subconsciously or consciously, we humankind have the primitive intention to protect the life and beautiful things.

#2. Sometimes sincere hugging means a lot

Guili He, 82 years old, has been on the tramp for about 50 years. When hugged by the staff in an aid center, he burst out crying. He said that only his father had nestled him during childhood and never dreamed of being hugged again by other people.

#3. Great writers have been changing the language

Lu Xun is a great Chinese writer, whose works are still students’ compulsory courses now. In one of his works, a famous paragraph goes, translated roughly, “In front of the door stand two trees, one is a jujube tree and another is jujube tree too.” Many Chinese have had the experience of being asked why Lu Xun did not write like “There are two jujube trees in front of the door.” I have to say that sometimes to understand the original meaning of writers is a tough work.

Maybe we would never have chance to know Lu Xun’s intention. However, some funny guy posted on the micro blog to say that Lu Xun told him the reason in the dream and Lu Xun told him that: “I used to think that there were a jujube tree and a peach tree in the front of the door. After I wrote ‘In front of the door stand two trees, one is a jujube tree and another is…,’ I threw my eye on the trees and, WTF, I realized that another tree turned out to be a jujube tree too.”

Just for fun, I don’t know if you can understand this joke.

#4: Netizens on Google+ help dissident Ai Weiwei

On the post, Today in China, Nov. 2th: #4, I have reported that Ai Weiei was fined 15 million RMB by the government for tax evasion. Until now, it is not sure that whether Ai Weiwei and his company has evaded tax or not. However, netizens on Google+ voluntarily denote money to him in different ways. As of 10:30 AM on Nov. 6th, 13,610 netizens have donated money and the number has reached 2,894,917 RMB. In Ai Weiwei’s words, he would return the money back to the netizens in the future.

#5. Pic and words

Never try to underestimate a heart with a will to sail on the sea.


7 thoughts on “Today in China, Nov. 7th

  1. Yes, these pics are not mine (I don’t own a camera and I am not good at taking pics and I have a full time job). Am I to understand that you may think that I use these pics without the owner’s permission?

    I would like to explain. The pics on my blog fall into three categories:

    #1. Most of the pics in my post are taken by Chinese netizens, who often post their pics via Micro blogs. Of course, I use their pics with their permission.

    #2. From some news sites in China. Not too many on my blog. Because I don’t like pics with watermarks.

    #3. Capturing the screenshots and from Google, and some I don’t know who own them, which may violate the copyright law.

    I have a good understanding on how copyright is important in America, not like in China. Thanks for your attention on my blog.

    I also like the posts where the blogger share pics taken by themselves, especially the photography posts on the Freshly Pressed. Therefore, it is my plan to open a blog to share my pics taken during my travel or in my life. 🙂

    • Thanks for the explanation to the pictures, I am also not a good photographer, but I see it as a compliment for me when I photographed the pictures with the phone without asking! I use the pictures I check whether you are available, and if there is no complicated questions!
      LinkedIn is a proTree organization, founded by me where it is permitted in all world languages ​​on freedom of contributions to post! Best regards, Wolfgang!

      Deutsch: (OmiGo(ogle)
      Danke für die Erklärung zu den Bildern, Auch ich bin kein guter Fotograph, aber ich sehe es als Lob für mich an, wenn Bilder die ich mit dem Handy fotographierte ohne zu fragen! Bilder die Ich verwende prüfe ich ob Sie frei verfügbar sind, wenn es geht ohne kompliziertes Fragen!
      Auf LinkedIn ist eine Organisation proTree, von mir gegründet dort ist es gestattet in allen Weltsprachen Beiträge zum Thema Meinungsfreiheit zu posten! MfG Wolfgang!

    • I wasn’t concerned at all about copyright issues. I was just curious about whether you were out snapping pictures or, like me, use other sources. I use some of my own pictures, but most are from sites like Google Images. I know I’m violating some copyright issues, but I’m not making a profit from my blog, so I think I’m safe enough. If I was using other people’s pictures and trying to make money by using them without their permission, then I’d get into trouble.

      Again, I think what you are doing is noble and brave. Keep it up!

      • I am so happy to hear compliments from you. 🙂

        I first really worried that you might think me of a pirate. I have to admit that your opinion really matters a lot to me. Now I feel relaxed…

        Good luck. 😀

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