Today in China, Nov. 8th

#1. Yao Ming began his studies in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Classes seem a little more frustrating for Yao Ming than basketball.

Yao Ming started his college life in Shanghai Jiaotong University on Nov. 7th. On the first day, he had linear algebra, English, Modern Chinese History classes. Just a few months ago, Yao Ming officially announced his retirement from NBA and his loved basketball business. Therefore, he may be not used to the new university environment.

According to the plan, Yao Ming has to go to the college four days out of one week and he need not to live in the university. In the interview, he expressed his gratitude for the college to provide him with a long chair.

#2. Fun pic

Never try to take my phone away from me.

#3. Picture and life

Marriage failure sometimes is not the result of choosing the wrong person but being making nothing of the meaning of marriage. Getting married means to live a totally different way of life.

It feels frustrated and depressed today partly because I really find it difficult for me to express what I want to say in English. You can feel me if you are learning a foreign language. In addition, I suddenly realize that I am not qualified for many jobs. I am not good at talking with people and have no special skills. Just feel worried about future…


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