Today in China, Nov. 9th

#1. An old photo shows Chinese peasants in 1927

This photo was taken in a cold winter in 1927. Winter is a slack season for the peasants in north part of China. Just like what this photo shows, peasants were at leisure during this time and they could take their time in sleeping, smoking, drinking, playing finger-guessing game and chess.

#2. Waste treatment center becomes cattle farm

A waste treatment center in Changsha, Hunan province has become a cattle farm. Villagers around the center keep their cattle on the piles of garbage. The full-grown cattle would be slaughtered and the beef would be sold on the market.

From the pics we can see that the cattle are looking for musty leaf and peel to eat. Food safety experts claim that germs and heavy metal would be accumulated in the body and cattle. Some workers in the center said that the meat from these cattle tasted a little sourer than normal beef.

#3. Grand court building becomes a place to shoot pre-wedding photos

What the grand building in the pics remind you of? Yes, Capitol Hill. In fact, this building is for a Chinese local court and has been criticized for its luxury. Because of its glory and European building style, many local residents shoot their pre-wedding photos here.

However, taking pre-wedding photos is forbidden now, which is ridiculous.

#4. “Bad” students had to take exams outside classroom

In a middle school in Nanchang, the so-called “bad” students were arranged to take exams outside classroom. In November, it has been cold outside. However, the school proclaimed that taking exams outside room was just aimed to let the “bad” students understand the hardships of studying, which I think totally makes none sense.

#5. Posting online may be dangerous sometimes in China

Internet content censorship is very strict in China. Government has the right to shut down your sites without any reasons. The text message on the left pic is sent by a police officer who threatened the site owner to delete some posts. Netizens often said that Chinese internet is a large Local-Area Network, which is separated from the world internet.


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