All Good Dads Deserve a Cute and Beloved Daughter

So much fun just with your daughter

Each time I see a girl riding on her dad’s neck, the scene would warm the cockles of my heart. I deeply feel happy for the girl and her great dad. In Chinese parents’ eyes, daughter is just like the close-fitting cotton-padded jacket for them in the cold winter.

All good dads deserve a cute and beloved daughter. Why?

From the birth, you can let her wear her hair long or in a fringe. Putting cute little boots on for little daughters would be the most pleased thing for dads.

In spring, you can take them to the wild and then weave a garland for them. It would be enjoyable just to see their smile on the face.

In summer, you can buy your daughter ice cream and just enjoy the joy that she would bring you.

In autumn, you can take them to walk on the stone road just among the falling leaves.

In winter, you can take them to have a snowball fight and just pretend that you are not able to defeat.

Make your crying daughter laugh is the most rewarding

Good dads never let their beloved shed tears. Good dads also like their daughters calling them bad guys when they are upset. Having a cute daughter and protecting them would be the happiest thing for good dads.

Lastly, say a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you.


3 thoughts on “All Good Dads Deserve a Cute and Beloved Daughter

    • Good news from you today. You really make my day. Thanks, I really appreciate your nomination. Haven’t updated my blog recently because of my work.

      I would go on my blogging. 🙂

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