Today in China, Nov. 26th

#0. School buses in China

China offered high qulity school buses for Macedonia

On Nov. 25th, China offered assistance of school buses to Macedonia. The handover ceremony was held at Macedonia Prime Minister’s office. Cui Zhiwei, representative of China and the ambassador to Macedonia, officially delivered the school buses to the vice minister.

Cui Zhiwei said on the ceremony that although China is still a developing country and faces many difficulties, it would go on offering as much assistance as it can to other countries. Earlier than this ceremony, China has offered many other assistance projects to Macedonia.

This is Chinese school bus

It is really generous for China government to offer school buses for other countries, which improve the reputation of China among the international communities. However, many Chinese netizens don’t think so, because we even don’t have enough school buses for our own kids.

Only one week ago, a damaging car accident killed more than 20 kids. One reason is that the school car was stuffed with 64 kids while it was only allowed to take no more than 10 people. In addition, students in some China rural areas have to walk ten miles each day to go to school. At the same time, Chinese government spent 900 billion RMB (about 150 billion US dollars) on buying cars for government staff and leaders last year. It is believed that China has enough money to provide enough high quality school buses for Chinese students, but the money isn’t spent rightly.


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