Steve Jobs Marginalizes the Telecom Industry

With the popularity of iPhone, iPad and Apple App Store and the surging market value of Apple, many people may have an idea that Steve Jobs makes his greatest achievement in the era of the internet. In fact the successes of Macintosh, NeXT and Pixar all have nothing to do with the internet.

When it comes to iPhone we can say that it is Steve Jobs that has transferred the whole internet onto the platform of cell phones and makes the telecom enterprises more and more marginalized.

Without iPhone Nokia, the established cell phone manufacturer, would go on following its routine with the telecom enterprises. And the new cell phone manufacturers such as RIM would go on colluding with the telecoms to share the traditional market revenue.

It is Apple that has broken the ice of the market pattern.

We can be sure that Steve Jobs hates the existing cell phones. And he also has a good understanding of the power of the internet. Apple also has the strong ability of designing software and hardware and has operated the portable electronic products such as iPod successfully. And Apple was really a blank sheet in the field of cell phone before iPhone. Those facts can explain the birth of iPhone.

Google may also have the plan to marginalize the telecoms. And Apple just accelerates this process and provides much inspiration for Android and other cell phone operating systems.

The iPad has proved that the whole computer industry becomes common, undistinguished and uninspired. It is Steve Jobs that takes us into a new era and gives us much inspiration on the internet and computers.


What Does iPhone Mean to Chinese Users?

First, we should know that the middle class in China should work one month in order to buy an iPhone, but it only takes about one week for ordinary people in America to buy an iPhone. But we still can see that iPhone is so hot in Chinese market, especially among the middle class and very rich people. And it may be very difficult to understand.

Even ordinary Chinese people never heard of iPhone, but it is still popular in China. More than 600 thousand iPhones has been sold in the first day in 2010. We can contribute this success to the large population of China. And many things would become complicated when concerning about China.

We should account that a small portion of Chinese population is a very large number.

And the reality is that many Chinese people only use iPhone to make calls, send messages, watch videos or read newspapers. They even don’t know how to install applications on the iPhone. They don’t know how to use Twitter, Facebook and other popular applications on iPhone. So many people laugh at those people who have iPhone, they think it is a waste for those people to use iPhone. In some cases iPhone is a tool to show off and to show that you are rich. iPhone is just a luxury for rich. For ordinary people in China it isn’t practical at all.

What If Steve Jobs Leaves Apple?

According to the latest quarter report of Apple half of the company revenue comes from iPhone and iPhone-related products. And the rate of gross profits even reached 41.4 percent. But those statistics raise worries about Apple. What influence would the Jobs leaving Apple have on the company performance? Whether the business miracles performed under the leadership of Jobs could continue in the future? Who would be the successor of Steve Jobs?

In fact as early as 2004 the media started to express worries for Apple. Would the Apple break down if Steve Jobs left Apple? And even Fortune Magazine wrote a report and analyzed the successors of Steve Jobs.

And one insider of Apple told the China Business Media that if the issue of succession of Jobs becomes the most important problem after Jobs leaving Apple, there must be problems emerging after Jobs leaving apple. And Steve Jobs can’t be copied. He also emphasized that Apple has finished the change from professional brand to a popular brand. The creative concepts that gave Jobs much reputation have been injected into the blood of Apple, no matter the company structure and the staffing.

It is critical to know what on earth Steve Jobs has taken to Apple. This answer would help us to define what makes Apple so successful today, the whole company operation or the ability of Steve Jobs. And the insider also thought that the style of Apple would not change suddenly after Jobs leaving Apple. If this is true the issue of succession isn’t important anymore.

It is important for Apple to keep its unique style. Also in the internet era Apple needs to innovate its business model and advance itself.