Summary of Me in 2011

Long time no see and long time no update my blog!

Hi, I am John Cho (It takes me a long time to name me in English). From now on, just call me John. 😀

Summary of Me in 2011

Christmas and 2012 are coming and I think that it is necessary to do a summary of this blog and me in 2011.

In the end of March, 2011, I got my current job and then I opened this English blog (really like to try all the different themes of wordpress). I am really a lazy guy and only have posted no more than 100 posts in 8 months. However, it is really a nice experience to blog on I have learned so much from other bloggers and I have made many great foreign friends here in the community of

Here, I want to extend my special thanks to Lorna, who pays much attention on my blog, and Renxren, who has helped me to correct my English.

One of objects of opening this blog is to practice my English. During the process of updating this blog, I find it difficult to determine what to write. At last, I decided to report what happened in China, which is a little frustrating when I find out that Washington Post and New York Times report China far better than me. However, I would insist on updating this blog.

The following is the last report of China from John Cho in 2011:

#1. Chinese netizens celebrate the death of Kim Jong-II
You may read from Chinese official media that N Korea and its leader Kim Jong-II is Chinese people’s great friend. Okay, it is just the statement of Chinese government. We don’t think so (at least me). We all know Kim Jong-II is a dictator, who makes N Korean people support him while they are suffering from starving.

2011 is really an important year for the development of democracy. From African countries to Arab world, to Russia, to some Asian countries, the wind of democracy spreads so fast and common people start to demand what they really want from the rulers. All the protesters, including people who took part in the Occupy Wall Street in America are all heroes of this year.

#2. Big surprise for the email spammers at the end of year
Recently, more than 10 millions of Chinese internet users’ registration information, including email addresses and passwords, have been published online. One main reason for this accident is that all these information are kept in an unencrypted way.

Many people joked that this is really a big Christmas gift for the email spammers. However, millions of Chinese netizens are busying changing their accounts password now, including me.
The coming Christmas
In fact, many Chinese people don’t know what Christmas celebrate for. However, promoted by supermarkets and ads, more and more Chinese now start to celebrate Christmas.

In order to decorate for the Christmas, workers in a commercial center hang Santa head on the roof. What would you react in the night if you suddenly look at this? Yes, it is really scaring. Fortunately, it is the head of Santa. On behalf of Chinese, I say sorry to Santa Claus.

Due to the time zone difference, we in China would celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas earlier than you in America.

Here, wish all of us, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Advertisements Took the Place of Google in China


According to the statistics of CNZZ (the largest Chinese internet statistic analysis service provider), the market share of exceeded that of Google for the first time on Sep. 30 and became the second largest Chinese search engine.

Insiders agreed that has been performing well in local search and vertical searches such as maps, shopping, music and imagines. In addition, has established deep cooperation relationship with online shopping sites such as Also, Sogou Chinese input method and its browser drive more users to search on

Sogou related personnel stated that Google’s values of pursuing of integrity, excellence and innovation were worth learning. They added that they would provide better online experience for Chinese internet users by their unique business model and integrating information more organically. is subsidiary company of Inc. and was separated from to become an independent company on August 9, 2010. It has invited strategic investment from Yunfeng Funds. At present, mainly provides Sogou input method and browser besides its search services, among which Sogou input method is reported to taken up more than 80% of the whole market.

After Google announced its plan to withdraw from China mainland market in 2010, Chinese local search engines such as got an opportunity to expand their business. Although netizens in China can’t have complete access to Google services, is still thought as the best search engine especially among the netizens with high educational degrees.

One famous Chinese blogger, William Long, questioned this statistics. He tweeted that Google was still the second largest Chinese search engine according to the statistics of his blog and only drove a small proportion of traffic to his blog. has a new look

The new navigation bar on

When I logged in today, I found the top navigation bar had a completely new appearance.

The navigation bar on the dashboard page

Compared with former top bar, I like the new bar very much, which is very clear and simple. In addition, the new navigation bar on looks like the Google+ top bar very much. What do you think?

Twitter Released Its Chinese Edition

Front page of Chinese edition Twitter

Just like earlier speculations, micro blogging originator Twitter officially released both Simplified and Traditional Chinese Twitter editions today after it rolled out completely new user interface last month. Users now can select Simplified or Traditional Chinese in the settings. Besides Chinese edition of Twitter, Hindi, Filipino and Malay editions become available today and till now Twitter supports 17 languages in all.

You can choose the language of Chinese from setting

The task of translation was mainly taken by online volunteers. Many warmhearted Chinese netizens have taken part in the task of translating the interface, supportive pages, official apps and even legal text. At present, there are 290 thousand of voluntary translators in all around the world.

However, netizens of Mainland China could not access the Twitter, which is blocked by GFW and Chinese edition Twitter is released mainly for about 90 million people in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Chinese from overseas. In fact Chinese edition Twitter just means Chinese interface yet not means operating in Mainland China, just like Chinese edition Facebook. Twitter hopes to get more users of Chinese people outside Mainland China and then establish relationship with China domestic market. It is a strategy with low risk and cost for Twitter to release Chinese interface Twitter under the situation of being unable to enter Chinese market.

A Twitter official account to supports help for Chinese users

In addition, Twitter also opened an official Chinese account @twitter_chs to provide the latest news of Chinese edition Twitter and technical supports. Users can feedback opinions and suggestions via sending private messages to this account.

According to Wikipedia, the number of Twitter users has reached two thousand million till March this year.

Translated from here.