Summary of Me in 2011

Long time no see and long time no update my blog!

Hi, I am John Cho (It takes me a long time to name me in English). From now on, just call me John. 😀

Summary of Me in 2011

Christmas and 2012 are coming and I think that it is necessary to do a summary of this blog and me in 2011.

In the end of March, 2011, I got my current job and then I opened this English blog (really like to try all the different themes of wordpress). I am really a lazy guy and only have posted no more than 100 posts in 8 months. However, it is really a nice experience to blog on I have learned so much from other bloggers and I have made many great foreign friends here in the community of

Here, I want to extend my special thanks to Lorna, who pays much attention on my blog, and Renxren, who has helped me to correct my English.

One of objects of opening this blog is to practice my English. During the process of updating this blog, I find it difficult to determine what to write. At last, I decided to report what happened in China, which is a little frustrating when I find out that Washington Post and New York Times report China far better than me. However, I would insist on updating this blog.

The following is the last report of China from John Cho in 2011:

#1. Chinese netizens celebrate the death of Kim Jong-II
You may read from Chinese official media that N Korea and its leader Kim Jong-II is Chinese people’s great friend. Okay, it is just the statement of Chinese government. We don’t think so (at least me). We all know Kim Jong-II is a dictator, who makes N Korean people support him while they are suffering from starving.

2011 is really an important year for the development of democracy. From African countries to Arab world, to Russia, to some Asian countries, the wind of democracy spreads so fast and common people start to demand what they really want from the rulers. All the protesters, including people who took part in the Occupy Wall Street in America are all heroes of this year.

#2. Big surprise for the email spammers at the end of year
Recently, more than 10 millions of Chinese internet users’ registration information, including email addresses and passwords, have been published online. One main reason for this accident is that all these information are kept in an unencrypted way.

Many people joked that this is really a big Christmas gift for the email spammers. However, millions of Chinese netizens are busying changing their accounts password now, including me.
The coming Christmas
In fact, many Chinese people don’t know what Christmas celebrate for. However, promoted by supermarkets and ads, more and more Chinese now start to celebrate Christmas.

In order to decorate for the Christmas, workers in a commercial center hang Santa head on the roof. What would you react in the night if you suddenly look at this? Yes, it is really scaring. Fortunately, it is the head of Santa. On behalf of Chinese, I say sorry to Santa Claus.

Due to the time zone difference, we in China would celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas earlier than you in America.

Here, wish all of us, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Freshly Pressed is Worth Visiting Each Day

I began my blogging on from March this year. Besides writing for this blog, visiting Freshly Pressed page becomes a routine for me. It is really an exciting thing each day to find what are new on Freshly Pressed, just like opening gift boxes on my birthday. Unlikely birthday, each day I can enjoy surprise from Freshly Pressed.

It is surely a difficult job to choose the posts worth being on Freshly Pressed from millions of blogs. However, one thing is certain that all these posts are the best of the best.

What can you get from the Freshly Pressed? In fact, we all don’t know what we are going to get.

#1. Amazing pictures
You may always be dreaming of traveling on the wild grassland of Africa but your time is not permitted. Maybe you are a photography enthusiast and want to know how to capture a splendid moment. FP can partly satisfy your hope. Millions of bloggers share millions of their photos taken while travelling and it is really enjoyable to viewing these pictures. Moreover, you may come across some amazing pictures just taken randomly. Till now, I still remember one photo on FP that really impressed me by its beauty:


Some other pictures can give me more than just enjoyment. Just like the pictures on Stalking the Summit of Mt. Rainier, which show their ambitious to conquer the summit. I really could feel them just to see their photos.

#2. All kinds of lists
You may just ever have made shopping lists. However, making lists can really be a professional and creative work. I never imagined that we all could make lists of all kinds in some special perspective.

On FP page, I have read dozens of lists about books, movies, life and so on, which are all inspiring and some of them just make you LOL to read. Here just to name a few:

Top Ten Books That Were Out of My Comfort Zone
Top 10 Movies I am Embarrassed I Haven’t Seen
25 Films That Could Blow You Away in the Second Half of 2011
Top Twenty Horror Movies of All Time

#3. Life and experience
We have to admit that some people are really good at describing and recording what they feel and what they have learned from the common life and their words just flow onto the paper naturally.

We may sometimes be lost in the busy life and have missed some experience that worth remembering. Thanks to FP, we can find back some life experience that we overlooked.

When we go to travel or go to a new place, we all need to pack. However, do you have kind of special feeling when packing? Maybe there is but we just missed it. The feeling is exactly the sweet sorrow. I realized that the moment I read the title of one post: Packing is Such Sweet Sorrow. That post really got me to feel that special feeling of sweet sorrow when I was packing. It is really an exciting thing just to realize your feelings hidden deeply at the bottom of your hearts.

#4. Recipes


I don’t like cooking, not to mention good at it. However, we all love delicious foods. As for me, after reading some recipes on FP, I started to like to see how the delicious foods were made.

To see the flour, eggs, water and other materials that I can’t name becoming foods is a really enjoyable process. In addition, if you love cooking, you would find some amazing recipes such as Sheet Pan Apple Tart, Savory Pumpkin Tart and Skinny Onion Rings.

#5. Humors and wits

Some bloggers are really people with talents or sense of humor. You would just LOL to read their posts or could learn something. Just like Lorna’s post: To be Honest with You. She really wrote something that we ignored in life. In addition, it would be a pleasant and funny experience to read this post thanks to her humorous writing style.

Besides professional experts, every blogger can be an expert on some fields especially such as life and emotional issues. For example, each traveler can be an expert due to their personal experience. Travelling experts (I am not sure if there are travelling experts) may not know matters need attention when travelling with kids, but on FP, we can get it: Travel (with Kids) Advisory. Some other life tips and suggestions by non-experts bloggers are numerous on Freshly Pressed. You just believe that visiting Freshly Pressed, having benefits.

#6. It is really hard to list all what you can get from FP…

As an English learner and lover, I have been keeping visiting FP only for a few months but I have got too much from it. Not only benefiting my English learning, FP extends the horizon of my knowledge and foreign culture understanding.

All Good Dads Deserve a Cute and Beloved Daughter

So much fun just with your daughter

Each time I see a girl riding on her dad’s neck, the scene would warm the cockles of my heart. I deeply feel happy for the girl and her great dad. In Chinese parents’ eyes, daughter is just like the close-fitting cotton-padded jacket for them in the cold winter.

All good dads deserve a cute and beloved daughter. Why?

From the birth, you can let her wear her hair long or in a fringe. Putting cute little boots on for little daughters would be the most pleased thing for dads.

In spring, you can take them to the wild and then weave a garland for them. It would be enjoyable just to see their smile on the face.

In summer, you can buy your daughter ice cream and just enjoy the joy that she would bring you.

In autumn, you can take them to walk on the stone road just among the falling leaves.

In winter, you can take them to have a snowball fight and just pretend that you are not able to defeat.

Make your crying daughter laugh is the most rewarding

Good dads never let their beloved shed tears. Good dads also like their daughters calling them bad guys when they are upset. Having a cute daughter and protecting them would be the happiest thing for good dads.

Lastly, say a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you.

Why me?

From time to time, a question has been coming across in my mind: what is the reason or significance for my existence. When this question appears, I have a strong wish to figure it out. I also think that my existence is strange sometimes.

I am a wordless person and introverted because of my inferiority complex. Therefore, I talk less with my friends, colleagues and even my family members. Most of the time, I just sit there quietly and listen to other people talking and I seldom express my thoughts. I am afraid of being laughed at and taking trouble to other people.

Just because of my personalities, in many situations, I find myself being ignored just like I am invisible. When I feel I am ignored, the strange question comes: what is the significance of my existence?

Although I react less with other people, I have a colorful inside world and I think more than others about me, people and the whole world. When I am immersed in my inside world, that question also could come across suddenly in my mind. Sometimes I believe that other people’s existence is just the natural thing, but why is there me on earth. In addition, I believe that I may be a miracle creation of gods.

Maybe you think that I am unreasonable and crazy to think about that question; however I still want to know why I can feel myself and the whole world. Where I come from on earth?

Why me? It may be a philosophy question or it would be clear when my life goes to the end. Before my life’s end, this question would be always with me, I think.

Supporting Roles in Movies and TV Plays I Like

Pirates of the Caribbean

After Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I re-watched the previous trilogy. Then I realized I liked some supporting roles with strong personalities very much in this film series.

Captain Hector Barbossa

Captain Hector Barbossa
It is hard to tell why I like captain Barbossa. Maybe it is just my feel. In the movies, Barbossa always comes out and then gives me surprises or shocks. I like his ways of behaving and giving his orders to the crew with his rude language. One of the best scenes in the movie is that captain Barbossa drinks the wine deeply but can’t taste it. Also I like his monkey.

Pintel and Ragetti

Pintel and Ragetti
Each time I saw them in the movies, I would laugh out loudly. I like them just because they could provide comic relief. They are also lucky enough to survive in the fights and appear in the previous trilogy. In addition, I feel sorry for Ragetti’s wooden eye-ball and I think that he may replace it with a golden or jewelry eye ball at last. Due to Pintel and Ragetti, we get more things from this film series besides the cruelty of pirates.

Gunther is my favorite supporting role

As of now, among all the movies and TV plays, I like Gunther in Friends mostly. I like his accent and his haircut.

Here I may go on writing something about the supporting roles that I like in the movies and TV plays. I also want to know which supporting role you like mostly. You can reply here.

Small Bulbous Cactus, Big Surprise


One and half year ago, I occasionally picked up a bulbous cactus, which was so small and no larger than half of a ping-pong ball. When I got home, I packed it in paper and conveniently put it aside. Then I totally forgot about it until two days later I saw it when tidying up a bit. I have never grown flowers or other plants. Therefore, I made a simple flowerpot by cutting a plastic bottle and filling it with soil and then planted this cactus.

At first, I doubted the viability of this cactus, which lately dispelled my suspicions and proved its doggedness. Although it didn’t grow large in a year, it gave me a so big surprise by blooming. I seldom see cactus that can bloom, never to mention a ping-pong-ball-sized cactus yet with so large flower, really a big surprise.

This life interlude reminds me of the lines in Forrest Gump, “Mama says life is a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get”. “Miracles happen every day” if we are in love with life.