Butterfly flies

butterfly can be dream during childhood/pic from dreaminginrealtime.blogspot.com, permited by the owner and thanks!

Sea breeze confides the dreams of the old captain beside my ears
White cloud drifting over the mountain, to find its home
Sleeping lotus in dream wakes up in the light rain and shows its sweet smile
I make a kite from youth and fly it

Seashells climb up to the beach to see how large the world is
Lepidoptera expects to own one pair of beautiful wings tomorrow
Rivulet lies in the arms of forest and sings the song composed by spring
I knit the time and tide into a piece of picture

Dream is the wing of butterfly; youth is the heaven of flying
Let go of the string of the kite; paint the love on the face of time and tide
Heart is growing force, like the wings of butterfly
The singing becomes loud and sonorous facing the strong winds

Butterfly flies, just like running in the wind in childhood
The rainbow in dream is farther than the sea and higher than the sky
Butterfly flies, to the castle in the future
Open the skylight of the dream, growing would become fast and glorious.

I have been blogging on WordPress.com for about half of a year. This post would be the sixtieth post and I would like to post a lyric and poem here, which depicts the dream of childhood. In addition, I am moved every time I read it. Hope you can get something from my poem.