Chinese Knot: Profile of Chinese Ancient Civilization

Chinese knot (pic from

Chinese knot with its affection meanings and wisdom is just the profile of ancient civilization of China. As ornaments nowadays, current Chinese knot evolves from the sewing and tying knots in Paleolithic Age and etiquette and keeping records in Han Dynasty. People in Zhou Dynasty often wore the jade decorated by Chinese knot. In addition, bronze wares in the period of the Warring States have patters of Chinese knot on their surface. Until Qing Dynasty, Chinese knots truly became folk art. In modern times, Chinese knots are usually used as interior decoration, presents and wearing ornaments. Due to symmetric and delicate outline, being representative of the long history of Chinese nation and its conformity to customs of traditional Chinese ornaments and aesthetic perception, Chinese knot is named after Chinese.

Chinese knot is a kind of cultural knowledge with its affection meanings and wisdom. In addition, it is multiplying metaphor of humankind. Moreover, Chinese knot is the presentation of mysteries of mathematics. Although its complicated and graceful curve, Chinese knot can be reverted to two single lines. It was the basic tool of keeping records for the people in the beginning of humankind history.

Just from Chinese knot, we could have a clear feeling of the long Chinese history.


The Noodles in Xi’an

A fun Chinese sculpture that a person is eating noodle

According to incompletely figures, there are more than 50 kinds of noodles in Shaanxi province. In addition, Shaanxi people like eating noodle very much. There are more noodle restaurants on the Xi’an streets than other restaurants, the provincial city of Shaanxi province.

With the long history and rich culture of Xi’an, every kind of noodle is endowed with deep culture. Some kinds of noodles may have a history as long as thousands of years.

The spinach noodle with stewed meat

Every kind of noodle has its own features, just like the spinach noodle with stewed meat. When making the dough, people would add the spinach leaf into the flour. In addition, the noodle would look green after cooked. This kind of noodle contains the vitamin and leaf green that other noodles don’t contain.

Noodle spilled with boiling oil

When you enjoy the countless number of noodles in Xi’an, you also can watch the process of making noodles. I assure you that you would like it. It is very interesting and just like art, just like the making process of the noodle spilled with boiling oil. The most fun part of making this kind of noodle is the last step. When the noodle is prepared and the seasonings are added, the chef would pour a large spoon of boiling oil on the surface of the noodle. Then the noodle is finished, very fun to see the process.

Traditional Xi’an Food: Chinese Hamburger

When I try to translate the name of a traditional Chinese food into its English name, I would feel relaxed if there is similar food in foreign countries. I just need to add the word Chinese in front of the food’s English name, just like Chinese hamburger. If translated literally, Chinese hamburger is marinated meat in baked bun.

When I plan to introduce Chinese hamburger, I feel fortunate that there is hamburger in foreign countries that is similar to this traditional Chinese food. I don’t have to rack my brains to give it a simple and suitable English name.

You can get what Chinese hamburger is just from its picture. It is very easy to make this food. People from foreign countries may think that it is just the simplified edition of the hamburger.

There are two features about Chinese hamburger. One is that the outside baked bun is so crispy. However, the meat in the middle of the bun is soooo soft and easy to chew. In order to know what it really tastes like, you may need to eat one by yourself.

I often see foreign people eating the Chinese hamburger around my living places. Therefore, there may be little difference between hamburger and traditional Chinese hamburger. Next time you come to China, you should taste the Chinese hamburger.

Delicious Traditional Chinese Foods in Changchun

Chinese food culture is well known around the world and has a long history. Here I would like to introduce some delicious traditional Chinese foods in Changchun.

Changchun is the provincial capital of Jilin in northeast of China, which is called as the oriental Detroit and oriental Hollywood.

The Huibaozhen dumpling

Huibaozhen dumpling is the Hui nation featured food with Islamic flavor, which has a history of 70 years. The dumpling wrapper is very thin and the filling for dumplings is large. The taste of the Huibaozhen dumplings soup tastes especially fresh. It is said that there are only two most authentic Huibaozhen dumplings restaurants in Changchun. You must not miss it the next time you went to Changchun.


The name of this kind food is strange. I also don’t know how to express it in English. We can get from the above picture that the wheaten food and the vegetables or the meat can be cooked at the same pot at the same time. We can say that it is cooked once for all. This set of foods can be served as a whole. It also can be seen the featured foods in the cold northeast China region. Almost all the restaurants in Changchun serve this food. You can play and eat this Yiguochu at the same time.

Bean paste with snow cover

As a Chinese who likes to learn English, I must admit that the name of Chinese dishes is very poetic. Even the most common dish can own the most poetic name. Just like this dish, translated literally, it is just white sweet and bean paste. Its Chinese name is poetic. However, after translated into English, its poetic meaning loses. No matter what names it has, just enjoy it now.

Eastern large flat cake with smoked meat

Changchun is featured with its smoked meat, which is made from the high quality fresh pork. First, the pork is boiled with dozens of medicinal herbs and then the pork will be smoked. Without you trying it by yourself, you will never imagine the taste of this smoked meat. In addition, the large flat cake is made by specific ways. Even you don’t visit sight spots in Changchun, you should not miss this food.

The precious feast of Mt. Long White

Changchun is close to the Mt. Long White, where there are countless natural treasures such as ginseng, antler velvet, bear paw, mushrooms and so on. The precious feast of Mt. Long White can’t be seen as a single dish, it can be divided into six big dishes. All of those dishes are made from the wild animals or plants in Mt. Long White.