Summary of Me in 2011

Long time no see and long time no update my blog!

Hi, I am John Cho (It takes me a long time to name me in English). From now on, just call me John. 😀

Summary of Me in 2011

Christmas and 2012 are coming and I think that it is necessary to do a summary of this blog and me in 2011.

In the end of March, 2011, I got my current job and then I opened this English blog (really like to try all the different themes of wordpress). I am really a lazy guy and only have posted no more than 100 posts in 8 months. However, it is really a nice experience to blog on I have learned so much from other bloggers and I have made many great foreign friends here in the community of

Here, I want to extend my special thanks to Lorna, who pays much attention on my blog, and Renxren, who has helped me to correct my English.

One of objects of opening this blog is to practice my English. During the process of updating this blog, I find it difficult to determine what to write. At last, I decided to report what happened in China, which is a little frustrating when I find out that Washington Post and New York Times report China far better than me. However, I would insist on updating this blog.

The following is the last report of China from John Cho in 2011:

#1. Chinese netizens celebrate the death of Kim Jong-II
You may read from Chinese official media that N Korea and its leader Kim Jong-II is Chinese people’s great friend. Okay, it is just the statement of Chinese government. We don’t think so (at least me). We all know Kim Jong-II is a dictator, who makes N Korean people support him while they are suffering from starving.

2011 is really an important year for the development of democracy. From African countries to Arab world, to Russia, to some Asian countries, the wind of democracy spreads so fast and common people start to demand what they really want from the rulers. All the protesters, including people who took part in the Occupy Wall Street in America are all heroes of this year.

#2. Big surprise for the email spammers at the end of year
Recently, more than 10 millions of Chinese internet users’ registration information, including email addresses and passwords, have been published online. One main reason for this accident is that all these information are kept in an unencrypted way.

Many people joked that this is really a big Christmas gift for the email spammers. However, millions of Chinese netizens are busying changing their accounts password now, including me.
The coming Christmas
In fact, many Chinese people don’t know what Christmas celebrate for. However, promoted by supermarkets and ads, more and more Chinese now start to celebrate Christmas.

In order to decorate for the Christmas, workers in a commercial center hang Santa head on the roof. What would you react in the night if you suddenly look at this? Yes, it is really scaring. Fortunately, it is the head of Santa. On behalf of Chinese, I say sorry to Santa Claus.

Due to the time zone difference, we in China would celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas earlier than you in America.

Here, wish all of us, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Today in China, Dec. 1st

#1. Monk released soul from suffering for the dead

On Nov, 25th, an old man was found dead at Taiyuan Railway Station in Shanxi Province. After being declared dead by doctors, a monk held the old man’s hand and tried to release his soul from suffering by chanting sutras. The monk was tagged “the good” by Chinese netizens.

#2. Humankind cannot resist temptation of free things
In primitive society, we humankind acquired resources from nature for free and I venture to guess that humankind then didn’t have the concepts of price and being free. Only when people began to exchange goods, we started to know the words price and free.

In the society dominated by consumption and enjoyment, we humankind never stop proving that we could not resist temptation of cheap goods not to mention free things, just to look what happened on each Black Friday.

Busy picking good radish

Free radishes are heavy too

I should drive a truck to harvest the free radish

Sweet potatoes are not free but WHO CARES

It is the same in China. Now, some Chinese farmers’ products such as potatoes and radishes are facing the poor market. In Henan Province, a farmer planted 13 acres of radish but the price is only about 0.017 US dollars per kilograms. Therefore, the farmer decided to present his radishes to the urban residents for free. After reported by the newspaper, more than 30,000 people came and harvested the free radishes. However, some people stole the farmer’s 10,000 kilograms sweet potatoes when picking the free radish, which led to tens of thousands of RMB loss.

Today in China, Nov. 9th

#1. An old photo shows Chinese peasants in 1927

This photo was taken in a cold winter in 1927. Winter is a slack season for the peasants in north part of China. Just like what this photo shows, peasants were at leisure during this time and they could take their time in sleeping, smoking, drinking, playing finger-guessing game and chess.

#2. Waste treatment center becomes cattle farm

A waste treatment center in Changsha, Hunan province has become a cattle farm. Villagers around the center keep their cattle on the piles of garbage. The full-grown cattle would be slaughtered and the beef would be sold on the market.

From the pics we can see that the cattle are looking for musty leaf and peel to eat. Food safety experts claim that germs and heavy metal would be accumulated in the body and cattle. Some workers in the center said that the meat from these cattle tasted a little sourer than normal beef.

#3. Grand court building becomes a place to shoot pre-wedding photos

What the grand building in the pics remind you of? Yes, Capitol Hill. In fact, this building is for a Chinese local court and has been criticized for its luxury. Because of its glory and European building style, many local residents shoot their pre-wedding photos here.

However, taking pre-wedding photos is forbidden now, which is ridiculous.

#4. “Bad” students had to take exams outside classroom

In a middle school in Nanchang, the so-called “bad” students were arranged to take exams outside classroom. In November, it has been cold outside. However, the school proclaimed that taking exams outside room was just aimed to let the “bad” students understand the hardships of studying, which I think totally makes none sense.

#5. Posting online may be dangerous sometimes in China

Internet content censorship is very strict in China. Government has the right to shut down your sites without any reasons. The text message on the left pic is sent by a police officer who threatened the site owner to delete some posts. Netizens often said that Chinese internet is a large Local-Area Network, which is separated from the world internet.

Today in China, Nov. 8th

#1. Yao Ming began his studies in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Classes seem a little more frustrating for Yao Ming than basketball.

Yao Ming started his college life in Shanghai Jiaotong University on Nov. 7th. On the first day, he had linear algebra, English, Modern Chinese History classes. Just a few months ago, Yao Ming officially announced his retirement from NBA and his loved basketball business. Therefore, he may be not used to the new university environment.

According to the plan, Yao Ming has to go to the college four days out of one week and he need not to live in the university. In the interview, he expressed his gratitude for the college to provide him with a long chair.

#2. Fun pic

Never try to take my phone away from me.

#3. Picture and life

Marriage failure sometimes is not the result of choosing the wrong person but being making nothing of the meaning of marriage. Getting married means to live a totally different way of life.

It feels frustrated and depressed today partly because I really find it difficult for me to express what I want to say in English. You can feel me if you are learning a foreign language. In addition, I suddenly realize that I am not qualified for many jobs. I am not good at talking with people and have no special skills. Just feel worried about future…

Today in China, Nov. 7th

#1. Truck overturned just for dodging a flower

The car lied on its side about tens of meters far away from the flower.

When the truck driver noticed the flower ahead, his first response was to brake, which led to the collision with green belt and then the overturning of the truck.

Maybe it is not big news worth reporting, but I think a while after seeing the picture. I believe that, no matter good people or bad people, not matter subconsciously or consciously, we humankind have the primitive intention to protect the life and beautiful things.

#2. Sometimes sincere hugging means a lot

Guili He, 82 years old, has been on the tramp for about 50 years. When hugged by the staff in an aid center, he burst out crying. He said that only his father had nestled him during childhood and never dreamed of being hugged again by other people.

#3. Great writers have been changing the language

Lu Xun is a great Chinese writer, whose works are still students’ compulsory courses now. In one of his works, a famous paragraph goes, translated roughly, “In front of the door stand two trees, one is a jujube tree and another is jujube tree too.” Many Chinese have had the experience of being asked why Lu Xun did not write like “There are two jujube trees in front of the door.” I have to say that sometimes to understand the original meaning of writers is a tough work.

Maybe we would never have chance to know Lu Xun’s intention. However, some funny guy posted on the micro blog to say that Lu Xun told him the reason in the dream and Lu Xun told him that: “I used to think that there were a jujube tree and a peach tree in the front of the door. After I wrote ‘In front of the door stand two trees, one is a jujube tree and another is…,’ I threw my eye on the trees and, WTF, I realized that another tree turned out to be a jujube tree too.”

Just for fun, I don’t know if you can understand this joke.

#4: Netizens on Google+ help dissident Ai Weiwei

On the post, Today in China, Nov. 2th: #4, I have reported that Ai Weiei was fined 15 million RMB by the government for tax evasion. Until now, it is not sure that whether Ai Weiwei and his company has evaded tax or not. However, netizens on Google+ voluntarily denote money to him in different ways. As of 10:30 AM on Nov. 6th, 13,610 netizens have donated money and the number has reached 2,894,917 RMB. In Ai Weiwei’s words, he would return the money back to the netizens in the future.

#5. Pic and words

Never try to underestimate a heart with a will to sail on the sea.

Today in China, Nov. 4th

#1. 4 people died and 57 still trapped in the mine disaster

In the evening of Nov. 3rd, rock bursts happened in a coal mine in Henan province. As of now, 4 people were killed and 16 people have been elevated from the mine safely. However, there are still 57 miners being trapped. It is estimated that the rescuers can reach the workings at 12:00 AM on Nov. 4th. May God bless them.

#2. Charity organization in Henan doesn’t do charity work

A few months ago, Henan Rosamond Charity Foundation was reported to go into business with the charity money. Until now no results were available on that issue. However, this Foundation recently invested a large number of money to build a Rosamond figure about eight floors high. It is a fact that charities in China are totally different from that of other countries.

#3. New baby was thought to be dead by mistake

Cared by two nurses, Dongmei Liu had a preterm delivery. However, the nurse told Dongmei’s relatives that the baby was a girl and had died after birth. Then the baby was put into a plastic bag and put into the toilet. Half an hour later, the family members requested to check the baby and found that the baby was moving and even more, the baby was a boy but not a girl.

After being reported, all the people are angry with the hospital’s irresponsibility. Four related hospital nurses and doctors have been suspended. According to the law, they should be punished for their irresponsibility.

#4. Parents should protect their babies’ privacy

It is common to find online that some parents like to use their children’s photos as their profile pictures. In addition, they like to tell everything about their children on Twitter or Facebook. The parents may not realize that people could collect the children’s names, addresses, schools that they attended and so on. Here I would like to inform the parents that it may be not a good idea to post on your children’s detailed information. Baby has privacy too.

#5. Never to compare your life with others

Never try to compare your life with others because you would never have even a little idea about what their life really likes.