Just Three Chinese People

From right: Ai weiwei, Luo Yong-hao, Zuoxiao Zuzhou

Today, I came across this interesting photo online. From their looks and appearance, it is really difficult for people to believe that they are nice men or famous people. However, we can’t judge them by appearance. They are three idols of Chinese netizens.

Ai Weiwei (the first one from the right)
Ai Weiwei is an internationally famous artist and Chinese political critic and activist, who has strong influence among Chinese. He often urged Chinese government to release true statistics of some public events. Due to his international publicity and his influence, he is the last person Chinese government is willing to deal with.

Luo Yong-hao (the middle one)
Luo Yong-hao is an English teacher and now he is operating his own school and a site. His struggling experience is encouraging. He became popular among Chinese college students mainly due to his hilarious talk-shows during class, which were recorded by students and then spread widely on internet.

Chinese netizens would call him Lao Luo rather than his full name. He is really a person with strong sense of humor that his each class and lecture is filled with peals of laughter.

Luo Yong-hao is hammering the refrigerators produced by Siemens

Recently, he hammered the refrigerators produced by Siemens because its refusal to admit the quality problems.

Zuoxiao Zuzou (the left one)
Zuoxiao Zuzou is a musician and temporary artist. His musical works are closely related with Chinese society issues.

All those three Chinese public figures share one feature: they don’t pretend to be men with high morals. They just display what they really are in front of people.