Freshly Pressed is Worth Visiting Each Day

I began my blogging on from March this year. Besides writing for this blog, visiting Freshly Pressed page becomes a routine for me. It is really an exciting thing each day to find what are new on Freshly Pressed, just like opening gift boxes on my birthday. Unlikely birthday, each day I can enjoy surprise from Freshly Pressed.

It is surely a difficult job to choose the posts worth being on Freshly Pressed from millions of blogs. However, one thing is certain that all these posts are the best of the best.

What can you get from the Freshly Pressed? In fact, we all don’t know what we are going to get.

#1. Amazing pictures
You may always be dreaming of traveling on the wild grassland of Africa but your time is not permitted. Maybe you are a photography enthusiast and want to know how to capture a splendid moment. FP can partly satisfy your hope. Millions of bloggers share millions of their photos taken while travelling and it is really enjoyable to viewing these pictures. Moreover, you may come across some amazing pictures just taken randomly. Till now, I still remember one photo on FP that really impressed me by its beauty:


Some other pictures can give me more than just enjoyment. Just like the pictures on Stalking the Summit of Mt. Rainier, which show their ambitious to conquer the summit. I really could feel them just to see their photos.

#2. All kinds of lists
You may just ever have made shopping lists. However, making lists can really be a professional and creative work. I never imagined that we all could make lists of all kinds in some special perspective.

On FP page, I have read dozens of lists about books, movies, life and so on, which are all inspiring and some of them just make you LOL to read. Here just to name a few:

Top Ten Books That Were Out of My Comfort Zone
Top 10 Movies I am Embarrassed I Haven’t Seen
25 Films That Could Blow You Away in the Second Half of 2011
Top Twenty Horror Movies of All Time

#3. Life and experience
We have to admit that some people are really good at describing and recording what they feel and what they have learned from the common life and their words just flow onto the paper naturally.

We may sometimes be lost in the busy life and have missed some experience that worth remembering. Thanks to FP, we can find back some life experience that we overlooked.

When we go to travel or go to a new place, we all need to pack. However, do you have kind of special feeling when packing? Maybe there is but we just missed it. The feeling is exactly the sweet sorrow. I realized that the moment I read the title of one post: Packing is Such Sweet Sorrow. That post really got me to feel that special feeling of sweet sorrow when I was packing. It is really an exciting thing just to realize your feelings hidden deeply at the bottom of your hearts.

#4. Recipes


I don’t like cooking, not to mention good at it. However, we all love delicious foods. As for me, after reading some recipes on FP, I started to like to see how the delicious foods were made.

To see the flour, eggs, water and other materials that I can’t name becoming foods is a really enjoyable process. In addition, if you love cooking, you would find some amazing recipes such as Sheet Pan Apple Tart, Savory Pumpkin Tart and Skinny Onion Rings.

#5. Humors and wits

Some bloggers are really people with talents or sense of humor. You would just LOL to read their posts or could learn something. Just like Lorna’s post: To be Honest with You. She really wrote something that we ignored in life. In addition, it would be a pleasant and funny experience to read this post thanks to her humorous writing style.

Besides professional experts, every blogger can be an expert on some fields especially such as life and emotional issues. For example, each traveler can be an expert due to their personal experience. Travelling experts (I am not sure if there are travelling experts) may not know matters need attention when travelling with kids, but on FP, we can get it: Travel (with Kids) Advisory. Some other life tips and suggestions by non-experts bloggers are numerous on Freshly Pressed. You just believe that visiting Freshly Pressed, having benefits.

#6. It is really hard to list all what you can get from FP…

As an English learner and lover, I have been keeping visiting FP only for a few months but I have got too much from it. Not only benefiting my English learning, FP extends the horizon of my knowledge and foreign culture understanding.


Today in China, Nov. 2nd

#1. Two trucks loaded with explosives exploded

On Nov. 1st, a destructive explosion happened in Guizhou province, China. It was reported that two trucks were transporting explosives from Hunan province and the explosion happened when passing a car repair workshop. 8 people were killed and more than one hundred people were injured. The explosives on two trucks weighed about 70 tons.

The explosion was destructive and damaged buildings and cars more than 500 meters away.

#2. Difference between Chinese army and American army

This picture now is popular among Chinese netizens. In army, Chinese soldiers are ordered to fold up their futons just like squares of tofu. However, many netizens don’t think it is a good thing and say that our army is practicing folding up futons while American soldiers become stronger and stronger on the battlefield.

#3. No ‘tweets’ while cleaning

He is an ordinary street cleaner and became famous when he tried to post on his micro blog about the dirty, disorderly and bad phenomenon on streets. However, he was not allowed to update his micro blog by his leader, who said that updating micro blog would influence his work. In addition, he would be fined 5 RMB if being caught updating his blog one time. The fact is that he only earns a wage about 755 RMB (amounting to 110 US dollars) a month.

#4. Political cartoon

Ai Weiwei was fined 15 million RMB by the government for tax evasion.

Ai Weiwei (born 18 May 1957) is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism.

#5. Pic on life

What would you say from this pic?

Chinese Little Gymnastic Moppets

Photographer Yuan Zhang recorded Chinese little gymnastic moppets with her camera. One action should be repeated for hundreds of times and a set of actions should be practiced for five years. About 30 little children take part in the gymnastic team each year, but only a few could hold out until the last.

The coach said that it was a pity for some talented children to give up the gymnastic excises.

Little girls are practicing handstand, holding their body with their tender arms. At the same time, the coach is correcting their actions.


Sometimes, one girl’s cry would produce a chain reaction and all the girls would cry louder and louder. Under this situation, the coach would give off the snacks.


Hanging upside down, just like the bats, can be a way of resting.


The white powder on the surface of hands is magnesium powder, which is used to prevent slipping.


Just holding out


Boys are naughty and like to show off before the camera.


The character on the wall means gold medal, which is the ultimate dream for these children and their parents. Winning a gold medal in China means you can earn a lot of money and have bright future. Therefore, they may not be interested in gymnastics.


In the gymnastic team, these little girls and boys spend their childhood on balance beam, double bar and vaulting horse. They may not know why they do these practices every day. However, they would remember the sweats and tears accompanying them during childhood.


All the photos above are by Yuan Zhang, please don’t use or edit without permission.

Thousands of Chinese Netizens Deeply Moved by the Little Girl

pic by Qi-xing Lu

On October 21st, a picture named Younger Brother Want to Sleep was widely spread on a Chinese twitter-similar site: Tecent Micro Blog. In less than one hour, this picture was shared for thousands of times. Many netizens wrote that they were so moved by the girl that they could not hold tears. In addition, many people tried to help this girl and his younger brother.

pic by Qi-xing Lu

The photographer of this picture is Qi-xing Lu and he said that these pictures were shot on July 29th at Friends Primary School in the west region of Hunan province. The sister hurried to pick her brother when he cried during the sleep while she was attending class. Lu added that the little two children’s parents were working in the city and their grandparents needed to work on the farm. Therefore, the task of taking care of younger brother was left to this little girl. The younger brother’s head is bigger than healthy children because of being undernourished.

pic by Qi-xing Lu

Teachers in this school said that this phenomenon was popular in this region and free lunch was expected for these children.

Although with the rapid economy development, inequality between rich and poor is still one big problem for China. People at the bottom of the society cannot enjoy the benefits of economy development.

Small Bulbous Cactus, Big Surprise


One and half year ago, I occasionally picked up a bulbous cactus, which was so small and no larger than half of a ping-pong ball. When I got home, I packed it in paper and conveniently put it aside. Then I totally forgot about it until two days later I saw it when tidying up a bit. I have never grown flowers or other plants. Therefore, I made a simple flowerpot by cutting a plastic bottle and filling it with soil and then planted this cactus.

At first, I doubted the viability of this cactus, which lately dispelled my suspicions and proved its doggedness. Although it didn’t grow large in a year, it gave me a so big surprise by blooming. I seldom see cactus that can bloom, never to mention a ping-pong-ball-sized cactus yet with so large flower, really a big surprise.

This life interlude reminds me of the lines in Forrest Gump, “Mama says life is a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get”. “Miracles happen every day” if we are in love with life.