Today in China, Dec. 1st

#1. Monk released soul from suffering for the dead

On Nov, 25th, an old man was found dead at Taiyuan Railway Station in Shanxi Province. After being declared dead by doctors, a monk held the old man’s hand and tried to release his soul from suffering by chanting sutras. The monk was tagged “the good” by Chinese netizens.

#2. Humankind cannot resist temptation of free things
In primitive society, we humankind acquired resources from nature for free and I venture to guess that humankind then didn’t have the concepts of price and being free. Only when people began to exchange goods, we started to know the words price and free.

In the society dominated by consumption and enjoyment, we humankind never stop proving that we could not resist temptation of cheap goods not to mention free things, just to look what happened on each Black Friday.

Busy picking good radish

Free radishes are heavy too

I should drive a truck to harvest the free radish

Sweet potatoes are not free but WHO CARES

It is the same in China. Now, some Chinese farmers’ products such as potatoes and radishes are facing the poor market. In Henan Province, a farmer planted 13 acres of radish but the price is only about 0.017 US dollars per kilograms. Therefore, the farmer decided to present his radishes to the urban residents for free. After reported by the newspaper, more than 30,000 people came and harvested the free radishes. However, some people stole the farmer’s 10,000 kilograms sweet potatoes when picking the free radish, which led to tens of thousands of RMB loss.